Favorite Online Lunchbox Videos

Here on the Internet, the power of video is growing by the day. Whilst the written word still rules in some people eyes, here at Tin Lunch Boxes HQ we think it is sometimes nice just to sit back, be lazy and watch a few flicks! On that note here are some of our favorite online lunchbox videos:

Lunch Boxes Rock!

This 6abc news item features some interviews with random people on the street reminiscing about their childhood lunchbox experiences and also mentions the Leave It To Beaver special edition box.

Click Here To See It

Actionrep’s YouTube Channel

Actionrep is a true enthusiast and in this 4 minute video he gives a nice tour of part of his collection featuring boxes from the 1980s. This period was of course the decade of the personal computer and you can see boxes from the Pacman & Dragon’s lair video games in this video.

Check out his channel here for more discussion about 1960s and 1970s lunch boxes. We are big fans of his videos!

Beatles Lunch Box on the Collector’s Channel

A very short video this one, 54 seconds on the mass merchandising of Beatles memorabilia during the mid-60s.

Louise Palanker

Finally, here is a slightly crazy but fantastic video from stand up comic Louise Palanker who gives a little tour around her home including her fabulous lunch box collection. Flipper, Bee Gee’s, Gunsmoke, Happy Days & Little House On The Prairie are all featured here.


The Tin Lunch Boxes HQ Team